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Our Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is so much more than just re-entering invoices you’ve received or rummaging around paper trying to form some sort of order.

By using Pink Pig we can:

  • Organise your filing system so it’s easy to navigate
  • Prevent the boredom of re-typing information you already have in front of you
  • Give your customers an incredible service when it comes to invoicing
  • Chase debts (on the rare occasion it’ll be needed)
  • Make payments on your behalf
  • Help you understand your figures on a monthly/quarterly basis

How, I hear you ask?

Firstly, we’ll give you a bespoke folder and instruction of how to file away the inevitable hoards of paper work you receive.

We’ll also teach you how to send in a picture of your expenses – yes that’s right – cameras at the ready! Let’s face it, everyone nowadays has a smart phone, so why not take a photo of invoices as you receive them? One snap, ping it over, and we’ll do the rest! It is THAT simple!

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When it comes to your customers, we can invoice for you or teach you how to do it on the go, and this also includes quotes.

We’ll make sure we send out monthly statements to those who require it and chase the unruly ones before their bill is due (that’s the key!)

At this point, it’s clear that we are on top of the record keeping, but what about the extra bits? Don’t worry, we can sort that too – we can pay your suppliers, VAT returns and employees (Check out our payroll page for more info) – obviously we will need access to your bank for this, we aren’t THAT good.

Finally, when it comes to bookkeeping, it’s all well and good being bang up to date, but that doesn’t mean you know where you are at! It’s important you don’t have to wait till the end of the year to find out how you’ve performed. You need to know on a monthly or, as a minimum, a quarterly basis to assist you in establishing the changes you may need to adopt.

Afterall, the price of doing nothing at all is far higher than the price of change! (Yes, we did just quote Bill Clinton?!)

Oh, and before we forget – bookkeeping doesn’t have to be a permanent arrangement, you can ask us to help you get started, to do the same each month, cover sick or maternity leave or just to cover an interim period between staff, it’s totally your call.

Making Tax Digital

So you may have heard of Making Tax Digital, but we like the QuickBooks approach of Making Tax Delightful – and so that is what we are aiming to do!

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It goes without saying, our bookkeeping systems are fully compliant and up to date, but if you want more information, please check out our Cloud Solutions or get in touch with us.

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